CAPLINGER TAX offers its clients the following state & local tax services:

  • Systems Review - An overall evaluation of your business' sales and use tax compliance system and internal controls, culminating in a plan for optimization.
  • Operations Review & Exposure Analysis - in-depth analysis of your business to uncover opportunities for refunds or prospective savings, risks of sales & use tax exposure, and other state & local tax issues warranting attention.
  • Refund Analysis - designed to help your business capitalize on opportunities to reclaim sales & use taxes overpaid to states, local governments, and vendors.
  • Audit Assistance & Appeals Representation - minimizes the impact of state & local tax audit examinations at all stages, from pre-audit preparedness to formal appeals representation.
  • Nexus Studies & Contractual Negotiations - addresses your business' risk of unmet state & local tax compliance responsibilities and related exposure for unpaid taxes. "No-name" negotiations with taxing agencies can often provide a means to resolving state & local tax liabilities with considerable tax, interest and penalty savings.
  • Transactional Analysis - seeks to determine the taxability of specific transactions and to minimize their sales & use tax impact. Property & equipment acquisitions, asset sales, leases, ecommerce, drop-shipments, and many other business transactions can have significant sales & use tax cost. Clients often enjoy considerable reduction or even elimination of these costs through transactional analysis & structure planning.
  • Merger & Acquisition Assistance - assesses the sales & use tax implications of business sales and other reorganizations. This provides clients with the opportunity to plan for and mitigate the sales & use tax impact of these transactions.
  • Sales & Use Tax Minimization - design & implementation of a custom plan for your business to deliver prospective savings of sales & use taxes, and other state & local taxes.